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3 Reasons Why I Would Not Do Agile Project Management

Agile software development has been a revelation for me. It has brought me and my teams much success, and a very rewarding working environment. Sometimes I hear people say that agile project management isn’t appropriate in all circumstances. In fact, I used to say that myself; however now I’m not so sure. There are some circumstances where an organisation’s culture

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Technical Debt in Agile Software Development

Martin Fower – agile software development guru, and CTO of Thoughtworks – has written an interesting blog post about Technical Debt. I love this concept. It’s so simple, and such a compelling way of explaining this classic commercial trade-off decision to business people. Kelly.

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Measuring Business Value in Agile Software Development

One of the elusive things in software development is how to measure business value. For some projects it’s fairly obvious. Maybe there’s a clear revenue benefit. Or a tangible cost saving. Or a very specific risk avoidance. But what about on BAU (Business As Usual)? How do you get some indication of the business value a team is delivering on

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Handling Support in Agile Project Management

Mike Cottmeyer from VersionOne has written an interesting blog post about the problem of handling support in agile software development teams. Mike highlights three potential approaches for handling this problem. Personally I think there is a fourth approach, as follows… Make sure one person (probably a manager of some description) is responsible for triage – that is, deciding whether or

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Velocity and Project Approval

Mike Cottmeyer from Version One has written an excellent blog post about Velocity, and the importance of management and teams taking a responsible attitude towards it… Mike also describes the usual challenge in any business – where management need some sort of basis for funding a project, yet teams are really in no position to estimate the size of the

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Where is the Documentation?

Here is an interesting blog post from Dave Nicolette, about the absence of documentation in agile software development. I’m not quite sure where the eggplant parmesan comes into it! I think Dave might have been drinking 🙂 Nevertheless it’s an interesting and thought-provoking article. In my opinion, some lightweight documentation helps to bring structure to people’s thinking, and obviously helps

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Large Agile Projects Require Some New Skills

A common question is how to run large agile projects? Answer: You don’t! You break them into multiple small projects. But that puts greater emphasis on two disciplines that many organisations simply don’t have… Architecture, and Programme Management. Admittedly, the discipline of Programme Management is similar to Project Management. Maybe more experienced Project Managers can run programmes. But there is

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