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Distributed Software Development Is Hard!

The Register’s reader poll about distributed software development does not paint a particularly inspiring picture… When asked how distributed software development was managed within organisations, almost half said things were not that great. About a third gave feedback indicating that they were just about doing okay, but only one in five said things were managed well. See here for The

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Agile Project Elaboration: Seed Money

In traditional waterfall projects, it’s quite common to have a two-stage approval process, especially when it comes to raising funds to develop a new idea. Stage 1 approval provides sufficient funding to get a project started and complete the analysis phase. Once analysis has been completed and a detailed specification written, the project can be more accurately estimated and a

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‘Green Agile’

Here I am, at the Agile Business Conference in London, settling in for day 2. There were some great presentations yesterday. And they’ve really cemented my view: that large, enterprise scale agile projects really do need to be augmented with some more traditional project management practices. The opening keynote presentation today is about ‘Green Agile’. The title sounded intriguing. I

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Why Should Your Business Care About Agile?

I’m now in a session called “Agile: Why Should Your Business Care?”. We all talk about agile, but what does that really mean for your business, and what does your business want from IT/IS? Interesting opening video, about how Standard Life has co-located IS and business people, creating strong multi-disciplined teams. The results? Very happy stakeholders, and industry awards for

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Driving Agile Transformation from the Top Down at Borland

Well, here I am, at the Agile Business Conference in London. The keynote presentation is from Peter Morowski, Senior VP of Research & Development at Borland. Peter claims not to be an agilist or process evangelist. His responsibility is to deliver business results, through the reliable delivery of software product on time. Process, and agile, is just a means to

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Agile Development: Enterprise Delivery

Now I’m in a session called ‘Agile Development: Enterprise Delivery‘, being presented by bjss. They’re using agile development techniques on an enterprise scale project, where the customer wants fixed budget, fixed delivery date, and the scope is also fixed because the project’s replacing an existing system…Now we all know that’s a challenge in software development, whatever methodology! The project is

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Agile Project Management – Some Home Truths!

Rob Thomsett, author and consultant, got the graveyard shift at the Agile Business Conference in London today. Rob says, above all, implementing agile is first and foremost a culture change. For sure, it changes the role of project managers in software development. But it doesn’t eradicate the need for project managers. Project management is absolutely still needed. I’ve blogged quite

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Agile Project Management: Status Reporting

A little while ago I wrote about agile project management and how agile project management alone is not enough. One area agile methods don’t really address is project status reporting. Obviously the daily stand-up (or daily scrum) is a good form of agile status reporting. It’s great for people with a close interest in the project who can spare the

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Agile Project Management: Lessons Learned At Google

Jeff Sutherland is well known as one of the co-creators of Scrum, one of the leading agile development methodologies. In this video, Jeff talks about his visit to Google – where he analysed one of their first implementations of Scrum on one of their largest distributed projects – and shares the lessons they learned… Agile Project Management: Lessons Learned At

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