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Whole Teams and Colocation

Damon Poole has written an interesting blog post about Whole Teams and Colocation, particularly in the context of self-organising teams… Self-organisation and empowered teams is one of the key principles of agile software development. For sustainable success – and for the team’s personal growth – it is so important that teams become as self sufficient as possible, and rely as

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Distributed Software Development Is Hard!

The Register’s reader poll about distributed software development does not paint a particularly inspiring picture… When asked how distributed software development was managed within organisations, almost half said things were not that great. About a third gave feedback indicating that they were just about doing okay, but only one in five said things were managed well. See here for The

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Scaling Agile Software Development

Check out the above video. It’s an interview with Mike Cohn (about 10 minutes long). In this interview, Mike talks about scaling agile across the enterprise, on projects as large as 700 people! Mike is the author of the popular books, Agile Estimating & Planning and User Stories Applied. Personally I particularly like the User Stories Applied book. I’ve written

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Agile Teams Do Not Need Managers

I saw this post about Agile Managers? on the Agile Chronicles blog, and to be honest I found it a bit irritating. It mentions the notion that self-organising teams could go so far that managers are not needed. It asks why a manager would want to do agile if it might put them out of a job, and raises the

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Agile Colocation

I was very interested to read this post about agile colocation on Artem Marchenko’s Agile Software Development blog. The comments are also very interesting. As always, I don’t think the colocation debate is black and white… I’ve read plenty of articles and blog posts about the merits of colocation. I’ve also read lots about how colocation is an essential ingredient

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“One Team”

One of the key principles of agile development, and particularly Scrum, is the concept of “One Team”. The Scrum team should include all key roles for the product, wherever they report to, including Product Owner, Product Manager, Test Analyst, Developers, Business Analysts, and any others that might be appropriate such as SEO, Creative, User Research, etc. This is important for

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Agile India (Offshore Development)

I was doing a bit of research on Google searches and I noticed that a large volume of searches for agile development are coming specifically from Bangalore in India. And this got me thinking about agile development offshore. Of course I realise that India has a large number of software developers, as a result of the trend for offshore development

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Agile Development: Old Habits Die Hard

In agile development, it’s easy to develop bad habits! Or to have trouble kicking them. A blog post from Chris Stirling quotes some good examples… Daily stand-ups not every day Mini waterfalls in iterations Pressing too hard for increased productivity Team Leaders taking over team responsibilities I’ve certainly seen all of these bad habits in action. In fact I’ve done

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3 New Year Resolutions for Agile Team Members

Some agile principles come naturally. Others you have to work at. Here are 3 agile principles I think require an extra level of care and attention. Perhaps they’d make good new year’s resolutions? 1. Work to fixed timescales The end of a Sprint is the end of a Sprint. Not near the end. The end. Meeting fixed timescales means paying

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Agile Development Is Slow To Show?

I was very interested to read this blog post by Ben Alfree, “I’m a slow starter“. In his article, Ben describes how agile development makes things slow to start off with, but pays back in the end. Actually my experience is the extreme opposite… I have a lot of experience in traditional waterfall projects as well as in agile projects.

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