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Step 5: Create A Collaborative workspace

So now you’ve got your backlog in order, estimated your backlog, clarified your requirements, and planned your sprint. Now you’re ready for Step #5 – Create a collaborative workspace … I know I called this series, ’10 easy steps’, but the first 4 steps are actually quite hard work! This one’s a breeze. Whiteboard your walls Cover your walls in

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Self-organisation Is Not Boundaryless!

One of the key principles of agile software development is that agile teams must be empowered. In Scrum, an agile management methodology, this is known as ‘self-organisation’, or ‘self-organising teams’. The concept is that the team is given full responsibility for delivery and the management role on the team, known as ‘ScrumMaster’, is a facilitator role. The ScrumMaster is responsible

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How To Share An Agile Development Team

Scrum, and other agile development methodologies, provide a framework for managing software development projects. But all too often, methodologies focus on a project environment, where the team is focused predominantly on a shared goal. Where the team is largely dedicated to the project. In reality, this is often not the case. In reality, development teams are frequently required to develop

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Scrum Agile Development: It’s a Zoo!

Many people find analogies a useful way to characterise new concepts, either to explain them or to remember them. This one’s straight from the top drawer! 🙂 In Scrum, the roles of Product Owner and ScrumMaster are akin to a Zookeeper… The Product Owner feeds the developers (with the Product Backlog). The ScrumMaster cleans up all the sh*t! (removes impediments).

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Developers Can’t Test For Toffee!

In the more traditional world of managing software development projects, it is widely acknowledged that developers can’t test for toffee! Yet agile development methods increasingly seem to require or imply that all people in the project team should test, including developers. So, first of all, why is it that developers can’t test? Are we to believe that these highly intelligent

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Why Agile Testers Should Be In At The Start

In my experience, some people implement agile principles within the development team itself, but leave other key roles (for instance business users or testers) out of, or on the fringes, of the agile team. Earlier in my blog I wrote that active user involvement is imperative in agile development for a wide variety of reasons. It’s just as important for

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What If An Agile Team Member Won’t Play Ball?

What do you do if someone in your agile development team is simply not playing ball? Particularly if their behaviour is counter-productive to the key principles of agile development and is affecting the team’s performance. One comment I’ve heard (not at my organisation by the way) was to apply the self-organised nature of Scrum and allow the team to raise

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Agile Development At Full Stretch

In my experience, most developers are over-optimistic and tend to under-estimate. However it’s not uncommon for some teams to estimate on the cautious side. If you find yourself in this situation and finishing the Sprint (or timebox) early, include a couple of nice-to-have “stretch tasks” (or features/stories) in future Sprints. It’s important to specifically identify them as stretch tasks, i.e.

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A Fool With A Tool Is Still A Fool!

VersionOne do tools for agile development and I was interested reading the VersionOne blog. Of course it’s important in any approach to have good tools, but in my view the process is much more important than the tools you use to support it. And even more important than that – by far – is the mindset of the people applying

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