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Hi everyone.  I’ve been blogging here now for more than 5 years.  I can’t actually believe I’ve been going for so long!  I still intend to write here from time to time, but more and more in recent times my posts have been less to do with agile principles and practices and more to do with management and leadership more

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All About Agile: The Book

I have organised and edited the most popular educational content from the posts I have written here into a 380 page A5 book.  To buy it now on Amazon.com, click on the link below: All About Agile: The Book on Amazon.com Or if you prefer a PDF eBook, you can purchase and download it here: Get the PDF eBook The

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Live Webinars: Tell Me What You Think – Politely Please ;)

Hi everyone. Lately I’ve been thinking about doing a series of webinars. But I’m not sure what people would find most interesting, so I’d really like to know what you think? The ideas I have so far are: 10 Key Principles of Agile 60 Minute Scrum Master (Scrum Primer) Writing Good User Stories Agile Estimating – The Secret to Delivering

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The Lean Startup – Not Just For Startups!

I recently read the book ‘The Lean Startup’ by Eric Ries.  I was really impressed. First of all, it’s not just for startups!  Eric defines a startup as anyone working on new products or services in an environment of extreme uncertainty.  In today’s business world, where we’re living with a volatile economy, the rapid pace of change, consumerisation of IT,

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What Is Agile?

If anyone was thinking agile is old news, think again. As part of this blog, I monitor Google search volumes pretty closely, which gives a good indication of demand. And you know what? “What is agile” is still one of the biggest search terms around, and it’s still growing! In my original post ’10 key principles of agile’, I answer

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Looking For A New Sponsor

Hi all.  Apologies for this brief commercial interlude.  I am looking for a new sponsor for this site.  The sponsor ad position appears right at the top of every page, alongside my logo.  Currently I’m getting about 50,000 views per month, of course all focused on the subject of agile.   If that’s something you might be interested in for

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ThoughtWorks Live

Today I’m at ThoughtWorks Live in Sydney, a one day invite-only event aimed at executives.  The theme is Continuous Delivery, and how organisations need to constantly adapt in order to innovate and ultimately survive.  It’s a really exciting agenda, but there are three bits I am particular excited about… The first is Jim Highsmith from ThoughtWorks.  He is over from

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What will 2012 bring?

I’m not a big fan of predictions, but I was asked to make some comments about what I think 2012 will bring for the agile community. This is what I think… I think 2012 will see a potential backlash against agile, as more large companies try it and fail. I think this will create more scepticism about agile success stories

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Free Scrumasaurus T-shirts!

Hi all.  Apologies in advance for this slight deviation from my normal topic, but I have done a deal with New Relic so that any All About Agile readers that sign up and deploy their free web site monitoring software will get a free Scrumasaurus t-shirt! Sorry if you need monitoring software and want a free t-shirt but you’re not

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Employers Making An Impact

First of all, I was really excited that IPC Media won ‘Most Engaged Management Team’ at the UK’s agile awards this week. I can certainly vouch for that – the people I worked so closely with at IPC over the last few years are a very talented bunch, who not only understand agile methods, they really do live by agile

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