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New Sponsors Needed

Hi everyone, apologies for this brief commercial interlude!  Some of my previous sponsorships have now come to a natural end, so I am looking for new sponsors to help support this blog. If you want to promote your relevant product or service to the agile community, there are a variety of advertising options available here on All About Agile.  The

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“Take The Time To Write A Short Letter”

It’s a funny old saying.  I’m sure you’ve heard it before.  Allegedly, Mark Twain once said, “I didn’t have time to write a short letter, so I wrote a long one instead”. I think it’s very true.  It takes a lot longer to cut something down.  To distil the same value into relatively few words.  A lot more. I couldn’t help thinking that

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‘All About Agile’ Main Sponsorship Available

Hi everyone, apologies for this brief commercial interlude! The main sponsorship of All About Agile is available from end of June, if you are interested in raising your profile and promoting your agile products and services here. The main sponsorship includes the leaderboard ad position at the top of the site, plus the top MPU (300 x 250 rectangle) that’s

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My Life Is About To Be Turned Upside Down!

Hi everyone.  I have some big news, at least for me and my family. I’m moving to Australia! I love it at IPC Media, but just can’t resist the lure of the sun, sea and sand.  IPC is such a great place to work.  Iconic brands, great building, fantastic working environment, and lovely, talented people.  I’ll be sad to go,

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‘All About Agile’ Not In Top 200 Agile Blogs

Over on AgileScout, Peter Saddington has compiled and published a list of his top 200 agile blogs.   Of course it’s highly debatable, but personally I think it’s a really outstanding piece of work and I’m sure it was a huge amount of effort. Sadly, though, All About Agile isn’t on it. When I first moved my site to WordPress, I

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Agile Awards 2011 – Initial Nominations

Connections, the organisers of the UK Agile Awards, have announced the initial nominations for 2011, albeit the nomination process is still open.  To see the list of nominees so far, and to nominate others up until the 1st of July, click here. It’s great to see that someone has nominated me for the Most Valuable Agile Player in the UK.

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My 10 Most Popular Posts of All Time

I haven’t done a round-up like this for ages, so I thought it was about time.  Here are my 10 most popular posts of all time: 10 Key Principles of Agile How To Implement Scrum in 10 Easy Steps Writing Good User Stories Example of a User Story Agile Estimating: The Secret To Delivering On Time How Agile Are You?

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Hungry for Knowledge but Time Poor

Familiar story – you’re hungry for knowledge but time poor.  I know you don’t have time for web sites that are too slow, so I’ve re-written my template to make it as fast as it can possibly be. Although it’s still based on WordPress, my new theme has been lovingly crafted from scratch with my own fair hands, so now

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Agile Directory – do you want to be in it?

I’ve decided to introduce an Agile Directory here on All About Agile.  Hopefully this is another way I can make All About Agile one of the most comprehensive places for information about anything to do with agile development and agile project management methods. Initially I’m going to start out with 5 categories, although please feel free to suggest others.  Here

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