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Confessions of a QA in Dev

For a few years now, the development approach has been that engineers are responsible for the quality of their code and the solution. Meanwhile, QA staff are responsible for testing the quality of the product. ‘QA in Dev’ is an approach aimed at making all engineers responsible for the quality of the product as well as the code – this

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IT Transformation

Agile is often the subject of an entire IT transformation within an organisation. But what is IT transformation? Transformation means different things for different organisations and what it is depends entirely on each organisation’s own unique situation, and what they are trying to achieve. It’s also something that keeps changing, as the organisation, customers and the market continues to change,

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Work In Process Limits, Revisited

I am noticing a troubling trend with many of the organizations I interact with. The project teams have a release date, a relatively fixed team size, and somewhere between 5 to 10 times more work in the backlog than they are ever actually going to get finished. People are in absolute denial about how much […]

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Agile Haiku Poem

Someone sent me a Haiku poem earlier today.  It was nothing to do with agile, but it inspired me to write a Haiku poem of my own.  I don’t know why.  I guess I was just having a creative moment!  Here it is: Mostly, more or less, less is more. Simple. I hope you like it, but I don’t think

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Lean or Kanban or Agile

This post originally published by Mike Cottmeyer for Agile Chronicles, May 2009. Here I am.. Sunday afternoon.. Mother’s day. Just got back from taking the family out for a low key Mother’s day celebration and now I’ve got a little quiet time before …

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Limiting Work in Process… Are There Any Other Options?

One of the big wins of any agile method you pick… Scrum, Kanban, Extreme Programming, AUP… is that you get a built-in ability to balance capacity against demand. This natural throttling of work helps us better manage expectations between the customer and the team. It allows the team to work at a sustainable pace, dramatically […]

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Lean Principle #7 – Optimise The Whole

The last of the 7 Key Principles of Lean Software Development is ‘Optimise The Whole‘. In their popular book, ‘Implementing Lean Software Development‘,  Mary and Tom Poppendieck explain that the software industry is legendary for its tendency to suboptimise.  They give two examples: Vicious circle number 1 A customer wants some new features ‘yesterday’. Developers hear: get it done fast,

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Lean Principle #6 – Respect People

Principle number 6 of the 7 key principles of lean software development is Respect People. It’s yet another principle that should really be common sense.  But unfortunately too many people sometimes forget this basic human courtesy, especially in the workplace.  And all too often it’s the most senior people that are the worst offenders. Personally I think it’s important to

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Lean Software Development Principle #5

Deliver Fast. In a way, that’s a funny principle to have. I would have thought that’s stating the blinking obvious! But the reality is that it isn’t. All too often in software development, things seem to take ages. It is common for people to think too deeply about future requirements that may or may not ever arise. It is common

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Lean Principle #4 – Defer Commitment

Continuing with my series about the 7 key principles of lean software development, here are my comments on Lean Principle #4 – Defer Commitment. I’m not sure I really like the name of this one. It could easily be misunderstood. It doesn’t mean you should put off committing to anything indefinitely, or defer all decisions – that would obviously be

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