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Lean Principle #4 – Defer Commitment

Continuing with my series about the 7 key principles of lean software development, here are my comments on Lean Principle #4 – Defer Commitment. I’m not sure I really like the name of this one. It could easily be misunderstood. It doesn’t mean you should put off committing to anything indefinitely, or defer all decisions – that would obviously be

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Lean Principle #3 – Create Knowledge

The third principle of lean software development is Create Knowledge. This one seems a bit strange to me, as it almost seems obvious and common sense. But then I guess we all know that common sense isn’t that common! Thinking about the fact that the origins of Lean are in manufacturing, where the traditional approach is to simplify and standardise

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Lean Principle #2 – Build Quality In Lean Software Development

In my previous post about lean software development, I explained Lean Principle #1 – Eliminate Waste. Quality issues result in all sorts of waste. That’s a fact. There’s waste in testing the code more than once. Waste in logging defects. And waste in fixing them. As a result, lean principles specifically seek to address this point. The second principle of

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Lean Principle #1 – Eliminate Waste

Lean software development advocates 7 lean principles, the first of which is Eliminate Waste‘. Sounds obvious really. How many people came to work today to spend their time on waste? Some maybe! But not most. So what is waste, and how do you identify it? Some waste is obvious. But other forms of waste are more difficult to spot or

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7 Key Principles of Lean Software Development

I haven’t blogged much about lean development. I’m not an expert on lean, but agile development is a great example of lean thinking in action. So I thought it might be interesting to blog a bit about lean software development, and how I see it… Before you can really put anything into practice, I think it’s important first to understand

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Lean Software Development: Less is the New More!

There is no doubt that ‘Lean‘ is the new buzzword of the software development industry; certainly within the agile community anyway. But how does it fit in with agile, and more specifically, how does it fit in with agile methods like Scrum and eXtreme Programming (XP)? Lean software development shares many, if not all, of the key principles of agile

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Work-In-Play Limits in Agile Software Development

A common problem in agile software development – is bottlenecks that hold up the team’s progress during a Sprint or iteration… In traditional waterfall projects, everything happens in sequence, so this bottleneck does not occur because it is planned in. For instance, the testing starts when all the development is complete. However, in agile software development projects, the analysis, design,

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To Estimate or Not To Estimate? That is the Question!

Lean software development shares many of the key principles of agile software development. Although one of the key aspects of lean development is all about identifying and eliminating waste from the development process… One of the most hotly debated aspects of this is estimating. It clearly doesn’t contribute to the end product itself, but is estimating really waste? Or does

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Kanban Applied to Software Development: From Agile to Lean

Most of my experience of agile software development has been with Scrum, and some aspects of eXtreme Programming (XP). However, for quite a while now, I’ve been reading quite a bit about Lean software development, and Kanban. For those that don’t really know much about Kanban, I found the following article on InfoQ quite an interesting insight: http://www.infoq.com/articles/hiranabe-lean-agile-kanban I haven’t

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