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The Software Optimisation Paradox – Why Should You Care?

by Odhrán McConnell, 07 May 2019

Moore’s law is over. As it stands today, we’re pushing up against the laws of nature, the physical limits of how you can construct a transistor – atomic limits. Currently, the best fabrication methods from Intel have produced transistors of 14nm in size, and nVidia have gone slightly better with 12nm. Although they are expected […]

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The Unnerving Implications of Quantum Computing

by Odhrán McConnell, 06 February 2019

This past Christmas I decided to stay in London to have some ‘me time’ instead of attempting to travel somewhere with the crowds, the noise, and the hassle. After I finally got bored playing video games and watching Netflix, I decided to do a little research. In typical fashion, instead of learning about something accessible […]

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