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Scrum, Data and the Journey to Awesome

by Rachel Murray, 07 June 2019

I’m on one of our client sites to meet Sonny Lam: Data Explorer, Scrum Master and lounge wear extraordinaire. While I like my interviewees to feel relaxed, I’ll admit this is the first time I’ve ever questioned someone wearing slippers, and Pokémon ones at that. But whatever gets the job done, right? I had promised […]

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Masters of Scrum: Why the Principles can be Useful for Hiring

by Rachel Murray, 26 September 2018

The only people that need to learn Scrum are Scrum Masters, right? We’d argue wrong. Last week we sent our Talent specialists, Grace Carey and Kate Greentree to learn the principles in 48 hours. Will they ever get a chance to put what they’ve learned into practice? Unlikely. Does it matter? Unlikely.   Here Grace […]

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Effective Daily Standups

by Kelly Waters, 19 June 2013

I recently saw this post from Matt Swanson about the effectiveness of the standard Scrum formula for daily stand-ups: Thanks for posting it Matt.  It’s absolutely right to challenge this and the principle of adapting processes so they are more effective for your team is definitely the spirit of agile. In terms of my […]

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One Minute Scrum Master

by Kelly Waters, 08 June 2012

One of the things I really like about Scrum is how beautifully simple it is.  Actually, the challenge in implementing any agile method is in how it makes you think about how to do things differently, both in terms of doing things incrementally in very short iterations, and also in terms of doing things collaboratively […]

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24 Common Scrum Pitfalls Summarized

by Mishkin Berteig, 05 December 2011

Scrum is the most popular agile method… if you count all of the teams doing “Scrum Butt”.  Doing Scrum really well is much harder and much rarer.  Here is a list of 24 common pitfalls or bad behaviours of Scrum teams: Excessive Preparation/Planning: Regular big up-front planning is not necessary with Scrum.  Instead, a team [...]

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What is Scrum good for?

by Mishkin Berteig, 25 October 2011

I have worked with a lot of people, teams and organizations over the last 8 years helping them to adopt Scrum and I have seen some interesting patterns about where Scrum works well and where it doesn’t work so well. I wanted to share my observations to see if they correlate with what other people [...]

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Free Scrumasaurus T-shirts!

by Kelly Waters, 24 October 2011

Hi all.  Apologies in advance for this slight deviation from my normal topic, but I have done a deal with New Relic so that any All About Agile readers that sign up and deploy their free web site monitoring software will get a free Scrumasaurus t-shirt! Sorry if you need monitoring software and want a […]

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Scrum Team in Waterfall Land! What to do?

by Joe Little, 13 October 2011

The real question sent to me was: What are some tips for integrating our SCRUM model with non-Scrum groups who will not be adopting the process? One can go many places with this question, and there could be other questions within this questions. F...

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