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The ScrumMaster Tales

I’ve been struck how little is written about being a great Scrum Master. There is heaps written about Scaling Agile and a lot of great Technical books, but very little on playing individual roles well. The ScrumMaster Tales are intend to fill this gap. Cast of Characters ScrumMaster John – he’s been in the software […]

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Promoting Double Loop Learning in Retrospectives

“The thinking that got us here isn’t the thinking that’s going to get us where we need to be.”  attributed to Albert Einstein I have  this niggling concern about retrospectives. I have no doubt that retrospectives that are too short, don’t result in action / experiment, or fail to delve beneath the surface are a […]

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Lame Scrum Implementations

I was talking to a colleague about one problem, and then said, “but this is not our biggest problem — our biggest problem is lame scrum implementations.”So, I thought I would discuss that.First, truly, our biggest problem is not Scrum or anything to d…

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Guaranteed Success With Scrum

At this point in my coaching career, I’ve worked with lots of teams, in lots of companies, trying to adopt Scrum. I’ve seen teams do exceedingly well… and I’ve seen a few totally crash and burn. I want to share a few things I believe to be non-negotiable if you are going to give Scrum […]

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Agile Methodologies

There are various agile methodologies, although ‘agile development’ is really a philosophy, not a methodology.  A set of values and principles.  The agile manifesto describes these values and principles, and I have also written about 10 key principles that underly most agile  methodologies. Agile methodologies are characterised as ‘agile’ when they exhibit these principles.  Some examples are: Scrum – which

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Lessons from the trenches (of Scrum)

I was talking to a great person at a firm that will not be named.He is in charge of a large implementation of agile for a large group within a much larger organization.They start their teams with agile (Scrum) training and a hands-on workshop. And als…

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Agile Scrum, Or Not-So-Agile Scrum?

Scrum is the form of agile software development that has helped me the most. It has helped me to transform the performance of the web development groups that I’ve led at both my current company and at my last one. But, sometimes, I do wonder if Scrum is really agile enough? There are quite a few regular meetings in Scrum.

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Lean and Scrum – Chicken and Egg

Here is a really interesting post from John Scumniotales, one of the inventors of Scrum. Here he sets the record straight about whether or not Scrum was based on the concepts of Lean manufacturing, as pioneered by the likes of Toyota and Honda… Lean and Scrum – Chicken and Egg Whilst this is clearly admirable for the inventors of Scrum,

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Which Agile Methodology: Scrum, XP, Either, Both or Neither?

Here is an interesting article on InfoQ about the debate over agile methodologies, and which is best: Scrum, XP, either, both or neither? Personally I think they are entirely complimentary as they cover different aspects of software development. I find it useful to think of Scrum as an agile management methodology, whilst eXtreme Programming (XP) focuses more on agile engineering.

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Certified Scrum Master Exam

I’ve blogged before about Certified Scrum Master (CSM) status, and how I think Scrum Master Certification isn’t worth the paper it’s written on! I’m not against CSM training. In fact I’d heartily recommend it to anyone. The Certified Scrum Trainer process is pretty rigourous, ensuring the quality of the trainers. It’s the terms ‘Certified’ and ‘Master’ I have a problem

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