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Scrum Agile Development: Uncommon Sense

Scrum is an agile development method based on some of the key principles of lean manufacturing, pioneered by Toyota. Advanced Development Methodologies, Inc is the home of Scrum. On their web site, I recently noticed their strapline: ‘It’s about Common Sense’. When you think about it, it is. In fact, it’s so ludicrously simple, it’s almost funny. Think about it.

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Scrum Agile Development: It’s a Zoo!

Many people find analogies a useful way to characterise new concepts, either to explain them or to remember them. This one’s straight from the top drawer! 🙂 In Scrum, the roles of Product Owner and ScrumMaster are akin to a Zookeeper… The Product Owner feeds the developers (with the Product Backlog). The ScrumMaster cleans up all the sh*t! (removes impediments).

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Scrum Agile Development: Bad Language?

In the Scrum agile development methodology, the list of work to be done (including bugs, enhancements, new features, whatever) is called the ‘Product Backlog’. An iteration in Scrum is called a ‘Sprint’ and the work to be done in the Sprint is called the ‘Sprint Backlog’. Makes sense to me. But there are some who are uncomfortable with the name

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Agile Development: Optimum Sprint/Iteration Length

In agile development there is much discussion about the optimum length of an iteration (or Sprint in the Scrum agile management methodology). Although Scrum prescribes 30 days, in a recent post about agile development principles, “Fast but not so furious!”, I asserted that there is no perfect length for any situation; that it depends on individual circumstances and the nature

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Ken Schwaber (father of Scrum)

Conchango are one the leading companies in agile development, providing software development services but in doing so really evangelising the agile development movement. Last night I found this set of video clips from Ken Schwaber, father of scrum. Personally I think it’s a really good concise overview of the key points to take to senior management when selling scrum in

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