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Is Low-Code Development a Threat to Software Engineering?

by Jamie North, 16 August 2019

Low-code development platforms (LCDPs) – a term first coined by research firm Forrester in 2014 – provide an environment for programmers to create application software through graphical user interfaces and configuration – like drag and drop – over traditional computer programming, which can often require millions of lines of code. The platforms’ capabilities ‘enable rapid […]

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100 Powerful Agile PM Techniques

by Kelly Waters, 15 November 2016

I really like this composition of 100 agile techniques by Steve Drumm.  A really nice summary of alot of different management tools, nicely presented too 🙂 Take a look: Kelly.

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UK Agile Awards

by Kelly Waters, 01 August 2016

hi all, if you’d like to see someone recognised for the great work they’ve done, why not nominate them for the UK agile awards.  Lots of categories to choose from! View categories and nominate here Kelly.

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Online Scrum Training

by Kelly Waters, 23 June 2016

Over 80% of software projects in the world today are run using the Scrum framework. Big companies sometimes offer their own training programmes, but often Agile Scrum Masters take courses from one of a growing number of registered training companies. Every now and then I am asked to look at online training for Scrum and recently I had […]

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Agile Awards

by Kelly Waters, 09 September 2015

hi all, I’m nominated for the Agile Awards ‘most popular online contributor’ this year for this blog. If you have found it useful, your vote would be much appreciated: Many thanks! Kelly.

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‘Agile Executive’ – workshop with Kelly Waters on 28 Sep 2015

by Kelly Waters, 30 July 2015

Hi everyone, I recently ran my first ever public workshop – a 1 day workshop called ‘Agile Executive’ which focuses on topics to help managers and executives that are embarking on or part of an agile transformation. I am running another session on 28th September – details below… ‘Agile Executive’ Creating an organisation that is […]

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Fear is Waterfall

by Kelly Waters, 23 June 2015

This article was written by Haran Rasalingam and was first published on thetrainline engineering blog The big selling point of Agile is the fast return on investment it promises. But what excites me most about Agile is its emphasis on people – agility done well injects humanity back into activities which Waterfall has made bureaucratic and devoid of […]

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