Definition of DONE! 10 Point Checklist

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A key principle of agile software development is “done means DONE!”

To be more specific, here’s a 10 point checklist of what constitutes ‘feature complete’…

  1. Code produced (all ‘to do’ items in code completed)
  2. Code commented, checked in and run against current version in source control
  3. Peer reviewed (or produced with pair programming) and meeting development standards
  4. Builds without errors
  5. Unit tests written and passing
  6. Deployed to system test environment and passed system tests
  7. Passed UAT (User Acceptance Testing) and signed off as meeting requirements
  8. Any build/deployment/configuration changes implemented/documented/communicated
  9. Relevant documentation/diagrams produced and/or updated
  10. Remaining hours for task set to zero and task closed