Emotion creates the common language

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The challenge when dealing with people from different backgrounds, with different experiences, qualifications, roles and domain knowledge is speaking the same language. When we face together a problem or opportunity, or given a certain need, we talk about what and how - what is the solution? How will we meet this need? We each think we see the same thing. We each believe we are talking about the same thing. When we talk about what it is it’s often a case of the five blind guys and the elephant. Together we work hard to overcome our individual perspectives and structure a common language we think describes the what and the how.

It’s exciting to be challenged to solve a complicated problem using technology but it’s emotionally meaningful and exciting when the mission is to improve the lives of others. Isn’t emotion the common language, the why? Empathy without rational analysis doesn’t solve a problem. Rationality without empathy simply misses the problem completely.

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