Example Product Backlog & Sprint Backlog

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Example Product Backlog and Sprint BacklogOne of the readers of my blog (someone with the id ‘phani’) has kindly posted an example Product Backlog and Sprint Backlog on the allaboutagile Google Group.

I’ve taken a look at them. They’re not exactly how we do it, but I think they are very nice examples.

Note that the Product Backlog has Sprint numbers across the top, so this is an example where the whole backlog has been planned into Sprints. For most products, there would probably be many items on the backlog that are not yet planned.

Notice also that the values for each item on the Product Backlog are Fibonacci points represensing the relative size of each feature They do not represent hours.

However on the Sprint Backlog, the numbers across the top are the days in the Sprint, and the values for each task are estimated hours.

These examples are also good at highlighting how the Product Backlog is about Features (or we would use User Stories), whereas the Sprint Backlog breaks those Features into Tasks.

Here is the link if you’d like to have a look…


Thanks ‘phani’!