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Agile Thoughts from the BlogosphereOver the last couple of months, there’s been some really interesting thoughts published by various agile bloggers.

Here’s a selection of posts I’ve found interesting – although don’t necessarily agree with 🙂

How good are you at single-tasking? – by Christophe Louvion

7 Principles of Lean Software Development – by pbielickie

Scrum: The Experimentation Framework – by Artem Marchenko

Mike Cohn Interviewed by Jurgen Appelo

The Role of the Business Analyst in Agile Projects – by Shane Hastie

Video Interview on Agile Testing – by James Bach

Self Organized Does Not Mean Self Directed – by Glen Alleman

Top 10 on – by Artem Marchenko

User Stories Gone Wild! – by Chris Sterling

Self Managing Teams Outside of Agile – by Damon Poole



Photo by marttj