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My guess, based on experience and many conversations, is that these are 'our' top 5 impediments.
  1. Need better Product Owners
  2. Not enough focus on removing impediments
  3. Need better automated testing
  4. Technical debt
  5. No trend of improving velocity
When I say 'our', I mean overall, considering all the teams I see and hear about.  On average.

So, do these resonate for you? Or, as a general rule, do you find other impediments in the top 5 in the first year?

I hear people often say 'lack of support for agile from top management' as one of the top 5.  If we phrase that as 'inability to convince top management to support agile' at least that gives us the power to change ourselves (become more convincing) rather than feel powerless as we wait for management to support agile.  In any case, often we can make great progress without their support (although maybe more faster with the support). 

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