HOP Together – A new Product Management Leadership Group

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Leadership roles within Product can be quite isolating. Often, you’re expected to have all the answers to every problem thrown at you. Senior product leaders may also find themselves reporting into non-Product-focused people, such as CMOs, CTOs and CEOs
So where do senior product leaders go for support? How do they ask for advice when in a situation for the first time? How do they have intellectual conversations about Product, best practice, recruitment, suppliers, partners, etc?

Existing Product-focused meetups such as “Product Tank” and “Mind The Product” are very generalist. Because they appeal to all Product Managers, whether they are just starting out or have been doing it for 10 years, they can feel quite oversubscribed.

This is why 101 Ways created HOP Together – a new product management society which brings together senior product leaders to meet and support each other; tapping into the collective experience and knowledge of the group to help with day-to-day stuff, people/team/organisational challenges, as well as larger, more complex issues.
The group aims to meet at least monthly over breakfast or lunch where there will be predefined topics for conversation, guest speakers, as well as time for open conversation. Product leaders can feel supported and confident that this is a safe haven to discuss almost anything.

In addition, there are dedicated Slack and Google groups where members can discuss issues as they arise to get immediate advice and support, share interesting articles and books, and enjoy a general chat about Product.
If you are in a senior product management leadership position, such as a Head of Product or Chief Product Officer and want more information, please get in touch with Mike Dixon, one of the Directors at 101 Ways and leads the Product Practice.