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The secret to making data-driven decisions depends on a number of key components. In this report we take a look at what it takes to become an organisation that makes data-driven decisions.

Here’s what’s included:

  • How to implement data-driven values, producing Outcomes over Outputs, choosing Facts over Opinion, and steering your culture to value Testing over Guessing
  • The philosophies needed to drive data-driven decisions, and the changes in culture needed to foster these
  • The roadmap to selecting, implementing and making use of new tools that lead to new skills, new capabilities and a more data-driven organisation
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Why becoming
data-driven matters

According to Gartner, “transforming into a (truly) digital business is the number one priority of most organisations.” However, a digital business cannot exist without data and analytics. If an organization struggles with digital transformation, perhaps they haven’t given enough thought to data and the potential for valuable insights.

Who we’ve helped become data-driven

“Data-platform transformations are tricky. Don’t stop moving at speed but change the tyres whilst you’re going. 101 Ways swiftly brought in the right mix of skills and experience to help stabilise our current data-platform and provide experienced guidance on the foundations of the new.”

Warren Leigh, SVP
Delivery, DAZN.

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