If my blog has helped you, I’m asking if you can return the favour?

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40 hour famine

Hi everyone,

Lately I’ve been thinking about how I can do something to put a little back into society.  I’ve done things before, but it’s about time I did something else.

So I’ve decided to participate in the ’40 hour famine’ campaign to help people who are suffering from extreme hunger in the world.  From 17-19th August – I will go without food for 40 hours.

For people who know me, they already know I struggle to go without food for 40 minutes, let alone 40 hours, so it will be a very hard challenge.  But it’s for a really good cause, so I’m really hoping people will give generously.  Having said that, no donation is too small.  Please, if my blog has helped you, please help me to help others by making a small donation.

You can see my famine page and make a donation by following the link below:


I’ve set an ambitious target because I really want to make a difference.  To get anywhere near that target, I really need your help.  Come on, let’s show everyone how compassionate the agile community can be!

Many thanks in advance to anyone that makes a donation, I really appreciate it…