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Hi all. I’ve spent over 2 years now, and countless hours, blogging all about agile software development and agile project management, highlighting interesting things about agile all over the web and writing original content explaining some of the key agile principles, how to implement Scrum, user stories and lots more!

One thing I haven’t really done very well, though, is promoting my blog. I promoted it quite heavily in my first couple of months of blogging, but since then I’ve relied heavily on word of mouth.

I’ve really enjoyed the feeling of helping people to understand agile and as a result have taken great satisfaction from the many ‘thank you’ emails and positive comments I receive, and for that reason I really want my blog to reach the widest possible audience.

I have enjoyed some great success with agile development methods – particularly Scrum – and I guess I just want to share what I’ve learnt so other people can benefit from agile in the same way and be successful too.

In order to expand my reach, I really need more people to link to my blog. If you like my blog, or you’ve found it useful in your adoption of agile, the best way to show your appreciation is to link to it 🙂

Many thanks!