Introducing the Agile Marsupial

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For years we have been taught that Agile was all about honesty, visibility, and openness in all that we do. I have taught and do still believe big and visible is the way to go. The trend I have been seeing in enterprise levels of Agile adoption has taken a shift more towards doing Agile in the pouch. Many companies do not believe they can continue to deliver on all of the compliance needs they may be trying to push through while still working in an Agile environment.
The great news is not only is it really possible, but I have put together a run of information in the March 2010 Agile Mentor Newsletter that will describe exactly what other organizations have encountered and what approach they have initially taken to resolve the issues. I do certainly realize we have a long way to go before the end of the discussion is here, but I thought this edition will at least give you a little to chew on until we begin the blog post series. Read up and embrace your inner Agile Marsupial!

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