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We work hard to create a supportive and inclusive environment that helps people to give their best and do great work.

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What people say

I like the openness at 101 Ways. There’s no blah, blah, blah – that sold it to me. It’s a place where people help each other out. An amazing collective of talented people.
What quickly became clear to me about the people at 101 Ways is that they’re straightforward, transparent and honest. It feels like we share the same ethos.
I had freedom working with 101 Ways. Freedom to choose the kind of work I do. Another positive is 101 Ways don’t supply people, they provide delivery assurance. I also got the sense I matter as a person.
101 Ways feels like a collective. They’ve got good quality people and they pay them properly. I’d say they hire self-starters and let them get on with it while being available in the background when needed. It’s a fun and upbeat place to be. There’s a good vibe.
If I’m having a bit of a day I can have a good moan to Zane instead of my wife. You get the sense 101 really does give a damn.
They encourage you to be yourself but it’s still professional. You get a proper induction. On my team there’s a real drive to get things done, an enthusiasm. I get a real buzz seeing how we’re driving the delivery of new code. I’m also learning some new tech which is really stimulating. There are some very clued-up, smart people.