Laptops and Crackberries in my Certified ScrumMaster Training

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In my Certified ScrumMaster Training, I ask students not use their laptops and CrackBerry’s. Why?

Some people want to take notes using their laptops. Unfortunately my experience shows that laptops do more harm than good. They put up a barrier between people at a table and reduce collaboration. They send a signal that this person isn’t open. They even reduce interaction with the trainer. Finally with tools like outlook even if you don’t have web access they’re often a source of distraction. For these reasons I ask that you not use a laptop.

Crackberries, IPhones, etc. don’t put up the same barrier because the screen doesn’t get in the way but they present a different problem. If you’re looking at your device, worse actively using it you’re telling people around you that the distraction is more important than the class. You’re saying its more important to interact with the device than your classmates.

Breaks are the perfect time to use your electronic devices, but the rest of the time honour us with your presence.

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