Lean and Scrum – Chicken and Egg

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Lean and Scrum - Chicken and Egg.Here is a really interesting post from John Scumniotales, one of the inventors of Scrum. Here he sets the record straight about whether or not Scrum was based on the concepts of Lean manufacturing, as pioneered by the likes of Toyota and Honda…

Lean and Scrum – Chicken and Egg

Whilst this is clearly admirable for the inventors of Scrum, they clearly share some similar principles and philosophies.

But in some ways I was disappointed to hear this. The idea that Scrum was based on the widely celebrated principles of Lean manufacturing really added some credibility to Scrum and other agile/lean methodologies.

To think that John and others stumbled across it whilst working in their cubicle is a bit disappointing really! I would have liked to think it was based on years of research 🙂


Photo by Mikyl Roventine