Lean Atlanta 2010

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As spring settles upon the greater Atlanta area and all of the Agile enthusisasts are coming out of their long winter naps, the Lean Software and Systems Conference for 2010 could not have been timed better!

From all that I see, this conference appears to have strong speakers, great topics, a nice open space allotment, and all of the right people attending to make it a great success. The venue is the JW Marriott which is a great place to hold a conference of this size. Just in case you did not notice, I am pretty pumped to attend and learn as much as possible about embracing lean concepts and how they can intertwine with some of the current methods that have taken hold industry wide.

If you are planning to be there, give me a shout and we can hook up for a chat. I will even take a photo fo you to take home to the family if you ask... Any which way, it is not too late for you to register and attend. Atlanta, get ready.... AgileDad is on the way! See you all there!

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