Looking for my next gig

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Wow, that went fast!  I went independent back in May and have been working at the Guardian as interim director of engineering for the digital division.  What a fantastic and exciting time it’s been.  The Guardian really is the awesome place it’s perceived to be and deserves all the accolades and awards it’s received in recent years.  I think we’ve achieved a huge amount in the short time I’ve been here and I’ve learnt a lot.

But all good things must come to an end.  Or at least if you’re an interim.  So now I’m looking for my next gig.  I’m interested in another interim CTO role, or programme director, or any kind of consulting or coaching work, particularly in the areas of digital and agile transformation.  If you want to see more about my background, take a quick look at my LinkedIn profile.

I finish at the Guardian at the end of November and am already booked up in December, so I’ll be available from 6th January.

If you have something you’d like my help with, please drop me an email at kelly@allaboutagile.com.