Looking Forward to Presenting At AgilePalooza ATL

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Attention all Atlanta area followers, AgileDad will be presenting 2 sessions at the AgilePalooza sessions held at the Marriott Perimeter on Friday February 26th 2010! I am very honored to be presenting with Mike Cottmeyer (who I feel may be one of the strongest Agile presenters out there), and George Schlitz, (whom I have never had a chance to present with in the past, but I am looking forward to learning from him!). This is certain to be a VERY powerful event and may even sell out completely! There has already been VERY strong interest in this event so my advice would be to register NOW if you have not already! You will be VERY happy that you did!

The two topics I will be covering include:

Facilitation Foundations - Everyone has been to an Agile meeting that has little or no value and has felt like a complete waste of time. Facilitation Foundations is designed to offer attendees a chance to learn more about how to make meetings more valuable and save everyone time and money!
This interactive presentation focuses on what makes meetings work and identifies negative experiences we all encounter when it comes time to attend or facilitate these common meetings.
What should we be doing? What should we be avoiding? What could we do to improve the way we facilitate and or attend meetings? How can we make them more effective?

Empowering Agile Teams - It is time for teams of all shapes and sizes from all over the globe to realize that with great power comes much accountability. It is time to end the finger pointing and become a solid Agile Team! This highly interactive presentation uses a slide deck to guide you through a simulation where a team fails to deliver a high profile product on time and the fingers start to fly! This presentation is certain to ring true as something most who attend will have encountered. They will all leave with the tools and information they need to feel like a more cohesive team with a better understanding of commitment, quality, & accountability.

Although I have presented each of these topic a few times before, I am certain that the updated content will surely not disappoint! Enough about me and my presentations, go NOW and register! It will be the least expensive jam packed day you will ever have a chance to attend! Go and make it happen and I will see you all there!

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