My blog has a revamp!

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Hi everyone, I decided to make some changes around here!

So what’s new…


First of all, I have moved away from the Blogger platform and am now running on WordPress. I think Google will love my new WordPress blog much more, hopefully meaning lots more people will find my blog and hopefully they will find it interesting and useful.

But more importantly, WordPress will allow me to do much more with my blog going forwards.  For instance, soon I’d like to integrate my Agile Community, and I’m planning to add some new sections this year to make my blog an even more comprehensive destination for all things to do with agile.

Name and Address

Secondly, I have reverted back to my original name – All About Agile.  When I changed the name 18 months ago, I said it could be the worst decision I’ve ever made.  I’m not sure it’s the worst, but anyway I’ve changed my mind!  I’m now back to All About Agile, with Agile Development Made Easy! as the strapline.  My url has also changed, from to


Thirdly, I have been through each and every post and tidied them up, as well as removing any posts that were really transient and are no longer relevant.  So now when you browse my site, you should find reams and reams of relevant, nicely formatted, unique content in every category!


Last but not least, I’ve obviously changed the design.  I really liked my old template for a while, but over time it became more and more cluttered and was feeling a bit overwhelming.  With this new design, I’ve tried to go right back to basics and have a minimalist design where the content hopefully speaks for itself.  I think that’s quite in keeping with the philosophy of agile and personally I think it looks really nice and clean now.


One last point to address – what’s with the acorn?!  Yes, it does seem a bit random I suppose.  The concept behind it is the saying “From small acorns, mighty oaks grow”.  I think this fits well with the educational nature of my blog, and I think it’s also a good metaphor for agile development, where we think big, but start small!


I’d also like to say a big thank you to my sponsors who make all this possible:

Anyway, I hope you like it!  If you have any comments at all, please post them in the comments box below.  As always, I’d welcome your feedback, good or bad…