My Life Is About To Be Turned Upside Down!

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Hi everyone.  I have some big news, at least for me and my family. I’m moving to Australia!

I love it at IPC Media, but just can’t resist the lure of the sun, sea and sand.  IPC is such a great place to work.  Iconic brands, great building, fantastic working environment, and lovely, talented people.  I’ll be sad to go, and obviously will miss all my family and friends.

But, having said that, I am extremely excited about our new adventure!  We’ve fancied the idea of living somewhere hot for many years, and now our dream is coming true (subject to visa!).

I’m also really excited about what I am going to do.  I’m joining ThoughtWorks as a principal consultant in Sydney.  I’ve always admired ThoughtWorks for their commitment to the various communities they operate in, not least the agile community.  I think they’re a really cool company, and virtually synonymous with agile, so I think we’re gonna get along just fine!

I’m really looking forward to helping Aussie companies transform their IT organisations to become more agile, just as I have done before at Reed and again at IPC Media.  I’m also looking forward to helping Aussie companies with their digital strategies, and helping them to execute and deliver them.

I’ve never been to Australia before, and I don’t know anyone in Australia, so I think it’s a pretty bold move!  But I’m sure we will love it, and my kids are really excited too.  I’m flying out on 8th September, so will arrive in Sydney on the 10th.

Exciting times ahead – I can’t wait to get started!