OMG! where has All About Agile gone!

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That’s it. After 10 years, has gone!
But don’t panic, all the content has been moved, hopefully safely, to a new home over here on
10 years ago, ‘All About Agile’ seemed like a perfectly good name for the blog, since all the content was focused exclusively on agile ways of working. However, in that time, so many people and companies have jumped on the Agile bandwagon, some ‘Agile’ methodologies barely seem to reflect the agile principles at all to me. And I certainly don’t believe in one size fits all, following only one methodology. In fact, I said the same thing in my very first blog post back in February 2007 –
So that view is what led me to the name of my company, 101 Ways. The story behind the name is simple. There are a hundred and one ways to solve any problem. To find the best way, sometimes you need expert help. Like I said in that original blog post, “the real trick is to know lots of techniques from various waterfall and agile development methods, and to select a mixture of the best approaches that are most appropriate for any given situation”.
Little did I know that 10 years later, when commercial certifications and debates about different methodologies are watering down the agile principles that I still hold dear, that this statement would be just as true today than it was back then.
So that’s the ethos that’s behind my company, 101 Ways. And that’s why I chose to move the blog from to a name more fitting with the philosophy that I think is needed for good delivery in this digital age. A philosophy that is not all about Agile, but all about flexibility, incremental delivery, pragmatism and situational leadership. In other words it’s all about putting people over process.
Applying this philosophy is working well for 101 Ways. In the last year we have grown from just a few consultants to 60 people and we are continuing to grow fast. We are helping our clients build great teams to build great products, by providing expert leadership, consulting and teams, often all in one.
So what now for the newly named 101 Ways blog?
You can look forward to a wider range of content from us, blogging not only about agile methods, but also about delivery management in general, teams, leadership, technology and product management – all in an agile context – as all of these aspects are as important as the methodology itself, probably more so.