Online Scrum Training

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Over 80% of software projects in the world today are run using the Scrum framework.
Big companies sometimes offer their own training programmes, but often Agile Scrum Masters take courses from one of a growing number of registered training companies.
Every now and then I am asked to look at online training for Scrum and recently I had a look at Simplilearn’s ASM course.
Simplilearn’s Agile Scrum Master course seems like one of the better ways to learn the basics of Scrum online. It has no particular eligibility criteria, and anyone looking to build a career in agile management can sign up.
Their ASM course offers 2 days of instructor-led training to help people understand the basic principles that are essential to working in an Agile Scrum setup and managing Scrum teams. It also comes bundled with e-learning content which you can use for reference even after completion of course. The instructors are industry professionals who have many years of hands on experience.
Scrum games are an interesting part of the programme, and make the instructor-led sessions a lot more engaging and relevant. They are scenarios taken from recent business case studies, and test whether aspiring Scrum Masters can perform real-world operations like aligning and controlling a project and implementing changes in real-time.
Another good aspect of Simplilearn’s course is its emphasis on working with geographically dispersed teams with diverse functions.  In today’s globalised world people will work with team members who are not all in the same place, at the same time. The live-Scrum games simulate the challenges of these conditions and will help learners execute successful sprints.
‘Launch and iterate’ is a key mantra in the agile community, and for good reason, because the first-mover advantage in business is incredible.  Agile and Scrum were designed to address these needs, for both large companies and fresh startups.
Large companies use Agile to stay nimble and avoid the long approval processes of a bureaucracy, and small companies use Scrum to identify key goals and stay on track to deliver to deadlines.  Simplilearn’s ASM course helps learners to address these needs.
Course Features and Objectives
Simplilearn’s Agile Scrum Master certification training course has been approved by EXIN, the certification body, and offers:
  16 hrs of Instructor-Led Training/16 PDUs
   7 Hours of High Quality e-Learning
   3 Live Scrum games/ 7 Scenario-based Scrum games
You pay once, and get access to an unlimited number of training sessions for 90 days and all e-learning content for 180 days.
The course objectives will help you to:
   Start practicing as a Scrum Master in an organisation implementing Scrum
   Facilitate daily scrums, user stories, sprint planning and sprint reviews
   Produce different scrum artifacts, including the Product & Sprint backlog and Definition of Done
   Implement Scrum for teams spread across geographies
   Pass the EXIN Agile Scrum Master exam on course completion
To find out more: Simplilearn Agile Scrum Training