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How To Implement Scrum in 10 Easy Steps

When I first encountered agile development, I found it hard to understand. Okay, I might not be the brightest person you’ve ever met! But I’m not stupid either, I think 🙂 There’s a myriad of different approaches, principles, methods and terms, all of which are characterised as ‘Agile’. And from my perspective, all this ‘noise’ makes agile software development sound

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All About Agile Top 10

I’ve been writing this blog for about 6 months now… “What?!”, I hear you say, “You’ve been writing for 6 months and all you’ve come up with is this lousy blog!!”. Well, I do have a day job you know 🙂 In that time, I’ve been pleasantly surprised about how popular my blog has become. So I thought I’d post

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Disadvantages Of Agile Methodology

Don’t get me wrong. I’m a big fan of agile methodology. If you’re a regular reader of my blog, you’ll know that 🙂 But I’m not so pro-agile that I’ve lost all sense of balance. An agile approach to development is good for so many reasons. But agile development does require certain things that can also be a disadvantage. If

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Reduce Your Risk Of Failure

The key principles of agile software development help to mitigate many of the common reasons for project failure. In particular, the incremental approach and active user involvement guard against one of the biggest risks. The risk of building a software product that doesn’t meet expectations. The risk of building the wrong product. But how does agile software development help you

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A Sad Indictment of the Software Development Industry

When I first saw this (quite a few years ago now), it made me laugh. In fact I thought it was hilarious. A really humourous insight into one of the key issues in software development. When I saw it again recently, to be honest it still made me laugh. But – when I thought about it a little more deeply

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Is Agile Development Right For Your Project?

Some argue that an agile development approach is right for any project. Others argue that agile is a hoax 🙂 Of course the reality is somewhere in between. I’m sure you can apply agile principles, or a more traditional approach, to any project. The best way to approach anything is often the way you know. Although I’m sure that some

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Why Most IT Projects Fail. And How Agile Principles Help

I recently wrote a blog post explaining why most IT projects fail to meet expectations. As a follow-up, here I take a quick look at the common reasons for project failure, and how I think agile software development methods and agile principles mitigate these risks and issues. I have a strong view that agile methods help significantly with a lot

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10 Key Principles of Agile (PowerPoint)

Ive created a PowerPoint presentation about 10 Key Principles of Agile Software Development.  Please feel free to use or adapt it for your own presentations. Notice the notes on each slide from my blog. They’re not intended to be a script, but hopefully they’re still helpful. I’ve given away about 2000 copies of this presentation now, with very positive feedback.

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Most IT Projects Fail. Will Yours?

Studies on project failure are easy to find and make depressing reading. Gartner studies suggest that 75% of all US IT projects are considered to be failures by those responsible for initiating them. But what do they mean by failure? They mean the solutions fundamentally did not do what was agreed. Or they missed deadlines. And/or came in over budget.

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How To Prioritise – Part II

I recently posted an entry on my blog about how to prioritise quickly and intuitively. I presented a 2d matrix with importance (business value) on one axis and difficulty (effort/complexity/cost/risk) on the other. It’s a simplistic approach, but then that’s what I like about it. Simple beats complicated any day! And I also like the fact it helps people like

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Definition of DONE! 10 Point Checklist

A key principle of agile software development is “done means DONE!” To be more specific, here’s a 10 point checklist of what constitutes ‘feature complete’… Code produced (all ‘to do’ items in code completed) Code commented, checked in and run against current version in source control Peer reviewed (or produced with pair programming) and meeting development standards Builds without errors

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