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How To Prioritise – Part II

I recently posted an entry on my blog about how to prioritise quickly and intuitively. I presented a 2d matrix with importance (business value) on one axis and difficulty (effort/complexity/cost/risk) on the other. It’s a simplistic approach, but then that’s what I like about it. Simple beats complicated any day! And I also like the fact it helps people like

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Definition of DONE! 10 Point Checklist

A key principle of agile software development is “done means DONE!” To be more specific, here’s a 10 point checklist of what constitutes ‘feature complete’… Code produced (all ‘to do’ items in code completed) Code commented, checked in and run against current version in source control Peer reviewed (or produced with pair programming) and meeting development standards Builds without errors

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20 Characteristics of an Agile Leader

Teams of all natures – agile software development or otherwise – need inspirational leadership to perform their best. That leadership may, or may not, come from the organisation’s appointed leaders. But all teams need it, nevertheless. So what are the qualities of inspirational leaders? Strong communication – storytelling and listening will inspire your teams. Passion for learning and intense curiosity

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Agile Managers Need To Turn Their Thinking Upside-Down

Managers in agile development need to turn their thinking upside down. One way I like to illustrate the change of mindset needed for an agile manager (or should I say leader), is to think of the organisation chart upside down. The manager works for the team. Not the other way around. Their role is to provide the necessary support to

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Agile Development Reaches Every Corner of the Globe

Agile Software Development is a worldwide phenomena. My blog has only been going since late Feb 2007. There’s no reason for me to think that interest in agile development would be limited to only a few local areas. However, I’ve been amazed at how many countries my visitors have come from. 147 countries, no less! Check out this list, in

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How To Share An Agile Development Team

Scrum, and other agile development methodologies, provide a framework for managing software development projects. But all too often, methodologies focus on a project environment, where the team is focused predominantly on a shared goal. Where the team is largely dedicated to the project. In reality, this is often not the case. In reality, development teams are frequently required to develop

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CNN: “Agile Development Is Transforming Business”

CNN has compiled a list of the 50 people, products, trends, and ideas that are transforming the world of business. Agile Software Development ranks #18. “It started as a rebellion against overwrought, Dilbert-style software development projects. Today the set of practices known as agile software development is reshaping the way coders and entrepreneurs create Web-based services. Agile teams work very

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How To Prioritise Quickly And Intuitively

If you’re in a situation where prioritisation is straightforward and you have a single decisive product owner, you probably need to read no further. If, however, prioritisation is difficult in your situation – maybe because you have several products or product owners with conflicting priorities, or maybe because your requirements can be complex and benefits rather intangible – this is

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Scrum Agile Development: Uncommon Sense

Scrum is an agile development method based on some of the key principles of lean manufacturing, pioneered by Toyota. Advanced Development Methodologies, Inc is the home of Scrum. On their web site, I recently noticed their strapline: ‘It’s about Common Sense’. When you think about it, it is. In fact, it’s so ludicrously simple, it’s almost funny. Think about it.

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“Agile is a Hoax” – Does That Make Me An Alien?

I can’t believe it. There I was, happily practicing agile principles. Enjoying a wide variety of very clear benefits as a direct result of implementing Scrum. Then along came ‘Anonymous’ and commented on my blog… According to Anonymous, “Agile is a Hoax”. At first I was offended. I didn’t like being called a Hoaxer. I thought I should remove the

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10 Reasons Why Agile Development Is Good

Here are 10 good reasons to apply agile development principles and practices… 1. Revenue The iterative nature of agile development means features are delivered incrementally, enabling some benefits to be realised early as the product continues to develop. 2. Speed-to-market Research suggests about 80% of all market leaders were first to market. As well as the higher revenue from incremental

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Agile In Action: The Value of Simplicity

If you like my blog, I think you’ll love this blog from Simon Baker. I particularly like this entry about the value of keeping things simple… Agile In Action: Keep it lean Poetry! Photo by Stewart

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