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101 Ways goes abroad: Codemotion 2018 and our Netherlands launch

Codemotion 2018 is coming up in Amsterdam on 8 and 9 May and we’re very excited because it coincides with 101 Ways launching in the Netherlands. So we sat down with our very own incredible CTO Odhrán McConnell to get the lowdown on what the 101 Ways’ team will be doing at Codemotion and why the Netherlands is the perfect

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Emma Hopkinson-Spark rocks in the SR2 spotlight

  Our awesome Delivery Director and part-time coach Emma Hopkinson-Spark spoke to SR2 Co-Founder Alicia Teagle for their Women Rock blog last week about her contracting career path, supporting women in tech with our new WTF community and how to stand out in the crowd (blue hair helps). In case you missed the highlights: What advice would you give to women about

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WTF? 7 things you need to know about contracting

The statistics illustrating the gender gap in tech makes for grim reading: after peaking in 1991 at 36 percent, the rate of women in IT roles has been in steady decline. As of 2016, they held only 25 percent of such jobs. Against this backdrop, 41 percent of women leave tech completely and we need to find out why. One

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Announcing the 101 Ways Amsterdam Launch at Codemotion 2018

Codemotion – the leading tech conference in EMEA for software developers and IT professionals – is back and bigger than ever. Taking place on 8th and 9th May 2018, some of the 101 Ways’ team will be heading to Amsterdam to join a fantastic line-up of international speakers to talk all things Devops, Blockchain, AI/Machine Learning, Inspirational, GameDev, IOT, Big

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101 Ways Event: WTF is contracting…!?

Drumroll please… The first get together for WTF! (Women’s Tech Focus) is only a week away! Following the hugely positive reaction to the launch of the group on International Women’s Day, we’re really looking forward to meeting you in person and figuring out how we can help and support one another. Taking place on Wednesday 11th April from 6pm to

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101 Care in the Community

Today I am feeling very happy and proud of the growing community contribution from 101, as it’s very important to me that we keep giving back to the tech community. Apart from all the meet-ups and talks we contribute to, we also have a growing list of our own clubs and events: * Our public tech club, IWOMM (“It works

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101 Ways: An Unusual Recipe for Growth

I was very proud to be interviewed by Forbes and have our 101 Ways growth story featured on Forbes.com. It’s about how we’ve taken a slightly counter-intuitive approach to building and growing our business. You can read the interview here: https://www.forbes.com/sites/alastairdryburgh/2018/03/01/an-unusual-recipe-for-growth/#3640aa5243e1 Kelly.

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10 Tips for Startup Founders

It’s been an incredible couple of years for 101 Ways, growing from just me to a consultancy business with over 70 people in 18 months – soon to be 100 people and expanding internationally! So I thought it would be helpful to share some tips on what I think it has taken to do this, along with some tips on

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2017 – An Amazing Year

2017 has been an amazing year for 101 Ways. We’ve grown quickly, reaching 70 people when just 18 months ago we were only 3 people. What’s been the secret of our success? There must be so many factors, but the biggest two things by far have been having great people – I mean really great people, some of the best

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Retrospective Exercises Repository

TL;DR: The Retrospective Exercises Repository How to prevent retrospective boredom? One way to achieve that is never to repeat the same combination of retrospective exercises twice. Avoiding repetitions might sound like a lot of work for a single team. However, if your product delivery organization comprises of more than one Scrum team, I can highly… Read more »

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Psychological Safety Agile Team Performance

Psychological Safety Agile Team Performance. What better topic for a podcast named The Guardian than that of psychological safety? The term psychological safety is one that is relatively new as applied to Agile. Psychological safety is roughly defined as a shared belief that members of an Agile team can take risks without fear of blame, expulsion from the group or even getting fired. The best teams…

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