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Women's Tech Focus has a new look!

Have your spidey senses been tingling? Well they haven’t gone crazy – something is very much ‘up’ at 101 Ways and it’s got us in all in a spin. Behind the scenes, we’ve been weaving ideas together to design the perfect logo for our fantastic Women’s Tech Focus (WTF) community. Something that adequately represents the role women play in the

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101 Ways Event: cto zone talks 'Exit Strategies'

Following cto zone’s successful kick off in April, we’re back with our new identity, great talks, food and opportunities to network. Join us at The Driver in Kings Cross on Wednesday 18 July 2018 from 6pm onwards for this month’s edition where we’ll be focusing on ‘Exit Strategies’. First you’ll hear from Just Eat CPO/CTO, Fernando Fanton and his experiences

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101 Ways Event: WTF…is Changing Careers

Fancy a career in tech but don’t know where to start? Or are you already in the industry, but want to move from one area to another, or climb the ladder to senior management? Regardless of your situation, if you’re thinking about career changing or have taken the plunge already, we have the perfect event for you. Women’s Tech Focus

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Want to know how to 'Start-up, Scale-up and Go Global'?

At 101 Ways we love a good panel talk. So we’re thrilled that our CEO Kelly Waters will be speaking at the next #YouEqualTech event ‘Start-up, Scale-up and Go Global: A Recipe For Success’ on Tuesday 17 July 2018. The aim of #YouEqualTech events is to ‘promote inclusion in tech by increasing the visibility of diverse role models – and

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Why do so many companies fail at scaling Agile?

A battle-scarred Delivery Director, I’ve been in the Agile world for a while now, and still the debate rages on; why is Agile so hard to scale successfully? And what if anything, can we do about it? Interview questions often focus on people’s experience using scaling frameworks such as SAFe and DAD. But not all experience has been positive and

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101 Ways Event: iwomm 2.4 – Introduction to Web Assembly

Our tech community, It Works on My Machine (iwomm), is ready and waiting to introduce you to Web Assembly at our next event on 5 July 2018 at 6.30pm. Take your seat as the team walk you through the central problems with web development and invite you to join the debate on whether JavaScript can – and therefore should –

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How to deploy your own serverless app: A step-by-step guide

In case you hadn’t realised, we’re quite taken with serverless. Running our 101 Serverless Lab at Codemotion Amsterdam and extolling its virtues in our recent post about why, if you haven’t done it, there are six very excellent reasons for going serverless immediately. If however, you’re still fence-sitting or want to ‘try before you buy’, then why not have a

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Why we’re priding ourselves on diversity and inclusivity

After a morning of drizzle, the sun is streaming through the windows at 101 Ways HQ in Old Street, London on a late Thursday afternoon, forming a semi-rainbow on the chair I’m about to sit in. Apt, I think, as I’m about to interview Zane Gambasin, COO of 101 Ways, to discuss inclusivity in the workplace and what, as an

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6 things you need to know about serverless

Serverless – the Serverless Application Framework – is a toolkit for deploying and operating serverless architectures. It’s an innovative and revolutionary technology allowing developers to focus on creating applications, rather than be distracted by building and changing their infrastructure. ‘Serverless’ is also however, a catch-all term for removing the pain points from infrastructure management and maintenance by moving from monolithic

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Ready to recap? Highlights from Codemotion Amsterdam 2018

Did we mention we went to Codemotion Amsterdam 2018? Oh, we did? Well, we’re going to wax lyrical about it again because not only was it a fantastic event, it was a great success for 101 Ways on all fronts and ensured our Netherlands’ launch got off to an impressive start.  First up, our Serverless Lab – run by CTO Odhrán

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BREAKING NEWS – Saccade becomes part of 101 Ways!

Saccade – the network of freelance consultant CTOs – is becoming part of 101 Ways. For those that aren’t in the know, Saccade has a history of helping digital businesses succeed in engineering and product endeavours by providing independent, experienced C-level consultancy and coaching to existing teams and leaders on an interim basis. With 101 Ways well-established role of providing leadership

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