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Agile Development At Full Stretch

by Kelly Waters, 06 March 2007

In my experience, most developers are over-optimistic and tend to under-estimate. However it’s not uncommon for some teams to estimate on the cautious side. If you find yourself in this situation and finishing the Sprint (or timebox) early, include a couple of nice-to-have “stretch tasks” (or features/stories) in future Sprints. It’s important to specifically identify […]

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A Fool With A Tool Is Still A Fool!

by Kelly Waters, 28 February 2007

VersionOne do tools for agile development and I was interested reading the VersionOne blog. Of course it’s important in any approach to have good tools, but in my view the process is much more important than the tools you use to support it. And even more important than that – by far – is the […]

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> Scrum
Ken Schwaber (father of Scrum)

by Kelly Waters, 18 February 2007

Conchango are one the leading companies in agile development, providing software development services but in doing so really evangelising the agile development movement. Last night I found this set of video clips from Ken Schwaber, father of scrum. Personally I think it’s a really good concise overview of the key points to take to senior […]

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Lose 25% of Developers When Moving To Agile?!

by Kelly Waters, 14 February 2007

I attended a very interesting web meeting today about SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) and Agile Development with the Burton Group – a consultancy specialising in Enterprise Architecture. They explained all the advantages of SOA and Agile Development and why they are such cool things to be doing. I asked what the main pitfalls were in […]

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What Is Agile? (10 Key Principles of Agile)

by Kelly Waters, 10 February 2007

What is agile?  Agile is one of the big buzzwords of the IT development industry. But exactly what is agile development? Put simply, agile development is a different way of managing IT development teams and projects. The use of the word agile in this context derives from the agile manifesto.  A small group of people got together in […]

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