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The Unnerving Implications of Quantum Computing

by Odhrán McConnell, 06 February 2019

This past Christmas I decided to stay in London to have some ‘me time’ instead of attempting to travel somewhere with the crowds, the noise, and the hassle. After I finally got bored playing video games and watching Netflix, I decided to do a little research. In typical fashion, instead of learning about something accessible […]

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WTF is Networking – Why You Should ‘Just Do It’

by Rachel Murray, 30 January 2019

Remember how Beyoncé could help you network? Well according to professional community builder and speaker at our last WTF event Samantha Hepburn, so can the slogans of global sports brands. In terms of excuses, Sam has heard them all, from the clichéd (and mistaken!) ‘I have nothing to offer’ to the more nuanced fears that come […]

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Emma Hopkinson-Spark celebrates 3 years at 101 Ways!

by Rachel Murray, 24 December 2018

101 Ways has had an incredible 2018; growing the team to 101 people (and beyond), expanding into The Netherlands and the creation of even more great clubs. As brilliant as it’s been, it’s always worth remembering where it all began. Once upon a time (three years ago to be exact) Kelly Waters met a blue-haired, […]

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How to avoid pitfalls and make scaling a success

by Rachel Murray, 18 December 2018

The burning question on every CTO’s lips: How do you scale successfully? And who better to answer that question than an expert panel? So at our November CTOZone event we did just that. Leading the charge was Ed Conolly, Group CTO at Ovo Energy, Jon Mullen, Associate Director, Product Engineering Director at and our very […]

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WTF? How Beyoncé Can Help You Network

by Rachel Murray, 06 December 2018

Last month we hosted our third and biggest WTF (Women’s Tech Focus) event. Held at the expansive Just Eat head office, we welcomed a whole range of people ready to build confidence, learn how to network and then, actually network. We invited two exceptional speakers to give presentations: Alicia Teagle co-founder of Socially Responsible Recruitment […]

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Conversations with the Crew: Meet Sanneke Ringeling

by Rachel Murray, 09 November 2018

The second fantastic member of our Netherlands’ team (and arguably the most smiley), is Sanneke Ringeling.  Tasked with managing the 101 Ways brand and communities: IWOMM, WTF, CTOZone and HOP Together, it would be an understatement to say Sanneke has a busy few months ahead of her. Luckily, that also involves at least three Christmas […]

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WTF is Networking? 3 Things to do to Avoid Anxiety at Events

by Rachel Murray, 05 November 2018

Networking is one of those buzzwords that doesn’t seem to be losing any traction. And as an activity that has been proven to bolster professional relationships, advance careers and increase job opportunities, that’s probably a good thing. Despite this, it remains about as popular as creepy crawly disposal / annual flu jabs / going to […]

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What is the Best Way to Embed Agile Values in Team Culture?

by Timea Molnar, 31 October 2018

A while ago, I collaborated with Allen Holub at the Agile: Principles, Practices and Architecture Workshop during an SDD Deep Dive conference. One thing that arose time and again during our discussions was a shared belief that Agile is both misinterpreted and misused within a lot of companies. It’s something that I continue to see […]

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