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Want to get started in The Netherlands? 5 things to try

by Jamie North, 25 April 2019

I can’t quite believe it’s been a year since I took the bull by the horns, jumped aboard the 101 Ways ship and set sail for Europe. Steering our overseas expansion, we arrived in The Netherlands, and opened our first European office in Amsterdam. Despite The Netherlands – particularly Amsterdam where we’re based – being […]

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The Challenge of an Unclear or Miscommunicated Vision

by Zane Gambasin, 09 April 2019

As we help companies through complex periods of transformation, I wanted take a deep dive into the concept of ‘vision’, previously touched upon by Kelly Waters. Particularly exploring how it plays a key role in helping people understand the link between the change and a company’s success or survival. Why is vision needed? Every startup […]

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How to Develop a Team’s Ways of Working

by Mike Dixon, 03 April 2019

Whether you’re inheriting a mature team, have new people joining an one, or are fortunate enough to build a new team from scratch, you’d want to make sure that it is healthy, happy, aligned, and motivated. As people come from various different backgrounds and experiences, it is extremely important to ensure that we are all […]

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Why Fear Needs to be taken out of Executive Driven Development

by Michael Seipp, 19 March 2019

I have been talking to a few people recently about industry buzzwords. There seems to be an increasing number of mock variations on Test Driven Development (TDD) as a means of describing the ever-changing – and somewhat erroneous – driving factors behind development. We all know the digital industry is obsessed with acronyms; they are […]

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WTF Stand Up – Why Women Should Share Their Stories

by Emma Hopkinson-Spark, 07 March 2019

Not everyone knows this about me, but when I first left school as a teenager I became a professional musician. I was a singer and bass guitarist, playing covers and gigging five nights a week. It was fun, hard work and gave me more transferable skills than I gave it credit for. I can carry […]

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Conversations with the Crew: Meet David Laing

by Rachel Murray, 28 February 2019

When I meet David for our interview, he’s extolling the virtues of DIY haircuts to Annie, the office manager. The night before, he’d cut his son’s fringe (“A tangible improvement!”) with the kitchen scissors and was offering to do the same for her in the future, after she’d already spent five of her finest English […]

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