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Welcome to the 101 Ways club! Below is a list of our current clubs so you can find the perfect fit for your technical and development needs. Join to access free, monthly events, workshops and community Slack and LinkedIn channels.

CTO Zone

An invite-only club for technology leads. CTO Zone provides a space to gather insights and knowledge, share challenges and network with industry peers.

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WTF (Women’s Tech Focus)

A public, personal development and support network offering advice, upskilling and a safe space for women in (or interested in) technology and the wider industry.

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IWOMM (it works on my machine)

A public tech club for both new and experienced developers / engineers to discover and learn about cutting-edge technology.

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HOP together

A product management club that brings together senior product leaders to meet, share knowledge and support each other through challenges and complex product-related issues. If you lead a team and are responsible for the hiring of Product Managers, interact with senior management on a regular basis, and are looking for people with similar experiences to talk to, then apply below.

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