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Our Story
We’re out to create the most sought-after technology consultancy, where people thrive by being themselves.

'In our experience, too many companies stifle people’s individuality with expectations or conventions about how people should dress or communicate, often in outdated stereotypes that aren’t so relevant today. 101 Ways is a place where what really matters is the experience our consultants bring to the table and how we work with others, not how shiny someone’s shoes are or how big their job title is. We select our projects carefully, making sure we are good partners for our clients and vice versa. We're not resources, we're 101.

why we started

To build great teams
to build great products.

When our founder, Kelly Waters, was working as Chief Technology Officer for a large media organisation, he found that one of the biggest challenges he faced was building the right teams of people to deliver effective product outcomes.

Although he could turn to outside consultants or specialist tech recruiters to help fill gaps for him, in general, he found that there was something missing in their approach.

That ‘something’ gave Kelly the idea to start 101 Ways…

At 101 Ways, we hand-pick highly experienced individuals to work in teams on specific projects on a contract basis. We take great care to match the right people to the right roles - not only in terms of skill set but also in terms of culture, outlook and ways of working.

Once we bring people on board, we support and manage them through the life of the contract. In our experience, this gets people up, running and doing great work we can all be proud of more effectively.

what's in a name?

"There are 101 Ways to do anything, so sometimes you just need some expert help",
Kelly Waters, Founder & CEO - 101 Ways

Our name was inspired by the belief that there are many ways to solve a problem and that there’s no such thing as ‘one size fits all’. When it comes down to it, it’s having experience on your side and knowing how people work well together that makes the difference.

Our Story

here are some of the steps we've taken along the way...

May 2013

Kelly started 101 Ways as an independent interim director

Our Story
Our Story
Nov 2015

Emma joined as our first associate consultant

Feb 2016

Started providing consultants for leadership in clients

Our Story
March 2016

Devon joined to take over Kelly’s role at Elsevier so he could focus on growing 101

April 2016

Zane joined as COO to help ramp up the business

Our Story
June 2016

First popup team started at Just Eat

Sept 2016

Second popup team at Just Eat

Dec 2016

Started providing teams to Tesco

March 2017

More leadership roles at Elsevier

Our Story
April 2017

50 people after one year of growth

August 2017

More new clients, now 70 people