Our work.

We help great clients do great things,
solve challenging problems and build great digital products.

Who we’ve helped

101 Ways in action

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We help you deliver


We migrate products to the cloud, implement continuous integration, automate deployments and make apps scale.

Data Solutions

Data is your most valuable asset. But not if you can’t tap into it or make sense of it. We help you make your data work for you.

Web Apps

We help you build reliable and scaleable web-based products serving millions of users with a great user experience.

Mobile Apps

We help you build responsive, mobile-first web experiences and native apps on both
iOS and Android.

How we help


We listen to what you want to achieve,
assess your current situation and the challenges you face,
and provide expert advice on how to achieve your goals.


Our leadership consultants can lead your projects,
support your teams, improve your capabilities,
solve problems and drive change.


Our expert coaches work hand-in-hand with your people, 
working in partnership to share knowledge, coach on new practices,
train and mentor your people to improve your own capabilities.


Our whole or partial agile development teams
help to accelerate your digital product development.
We help build your product, at the same time as coaching and
improving your capabilities to leave you in a better place.

What people say

"Elsevier had a very challenging programme on which we were embarking. Success would mean step-change and we needed someone who understood the nature of the interface between product and technology, how to manage software engineering functions and how to help lead digital product design. They are particularly good at understanding the skills and experience needed, as well as the intangibles, which on the surface are not always clear. Their team brings the wisdom and experience for which we were searching."
Alexander Craig, VP Software Development– Elsevier Technology
"We needed a strong, high quality partner to help accelerate our digital capabilities and support the transformation of the business. I value Kelly’s input and brought him and the team at 101 Ways in when I became CPO/CTO at Just Eat. He’s a trusted partner and another brain to bounce things around with. The key is customer centricity and a results-oriented mindset - Kelly’s got that and it comes across in the team at 101 Ways. It’s about building the right thing for the user at the right time, not six months later. They’re a team that will go out of their way for you."
Fernando​ ​Fanton,​ ​​CPO/CTO​​ –​ ​Just​ ​Eat