Psychological Safety Agile Team Performance

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Psychological Safety Agile Team Performance. What better topic for a podcast named The Guardian than that of psychological safety? The term psychological safety is one that is relatively new as applied to Agile.

Psychological safety is roughly defined as a shared belief that members of an Agile team can take risks without fear of blame, expulsion from the group or even getting fired. The best teams do even better when leaders must cultivate a shared belief that the team is safe to allow interpersonal risk taking.

Psychological safety is a hallmark of the best teams and the best companies.

At Google and a project called Aristotle, a study to quantify and define the perfect team studied a way to ‘hack’ the perfect team. The company studied metrics, team composition, with the idea that the best people are the key to the best team. What they discovered was something far different. Most believed that the best educated, most senior, and highest achievers would mean a team that was automatically superior. Operation Aristotle concluded something far different. To learn the lessons of Google, listen to the podcast.

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