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At 101 Ways, we combine in-depth user research with experienced, full-service delivery, throughout strategic service design, fast-track discovery and service development. 

Working with 101 Ways

We hand-pick the best and brightest to solve the most challenging public sector projects. From Discovery through Alpha and Beta into Live, our experts help you ruthlessly prioritise user needs, deliver services, generate value early, iteratively improve, and pass GDS service assessments along the way.

Step 1

Speak with an expert

Get started by getting in touch. Tell us about the plans and challenges you face, so that we can help you figure out where to go next.

Step 2

Evaluate your plans

Our fast-track delivery service will help you to evaluate user needs through dynamic research, and will aid you in building a roadmap for delivery.

Step 3

Get your services live

By putting services into Beta quickly, you can demonstrate value and start getting user feedback, which you can use to hone in on even better results.

Step 4

Iterate, test and improve

Product and service development never stands still. Once your service is in Beta, we’ll work with you to learn from feedback, extend the reach of your service, and continuously improve.

Our services designed specifically for you

Applying in-depth user research, best practice service design and Government Service Standards, we deliver more for less, at pace. There is no one set way of working, but there are three main areas in which we help:

Start a conversation

Strategic Service Design

The right leadership provides essential experience, direction and decision-making. Our leadership team have held senior positions in some of the most transformational public sector programmes. We can provide high-calibre consultants who you can trust to direct and execute a transformation agenda, ensuring public sector programmes are delivered effectively.

Fast Track Discovery

Solving a problem starts with defining it. Our experienced consultants can deconstruct a high-level concept and refine it into a well-understood opportunity. We’ll identify personas and user needs to develop a hypothesis and business case, helping you focus on viable services that deliver maximum value and build a plan that matches your goals.

Experienced Full Service Delivery

By forming teams of senior delivery managers and product leads, combined with experienced full-stack engineers, we’ll lead service delivery from the front. We’ll get solutions live quickly, deliver value early and gather feedback in order to iteratively improve. Access the skills and resources you need to test assumptions and deliver transformation at pace.

Experience that you can trust to deliver

Our people are our greatest asset. Work with directors, product leads, delivery managers, data architects, engineers and more with extensive and proven track records of successful public sector transformation.

Michael Seipp

A Technology Director at 101 Ways, Michael was a delivery manager and delivery lead at GDS on the GOV.UK Performance Dashboard and Data platform. This project delivered transparent visualisations of the performance of new digital services, allowing them to be monitored and highlighting transaction volumes and costs per transaction for each service.

John Wright

A Director at 101 Ways, John designed the operating model for the Digital Policing transformation programme at the Met Police. Working with multiple supply teams to incrementally deliver key digital solutions including Mobile Crime Reporting, Body Worn Video and new in-car systems. The work transformed the legacy estate and reduced officer desk time, increasing visibility of officers in London.


A senior product lead and data expert, Finbarr worked with the Ministry of Justice to deliver a successful Discovery into the need for a data platform for data-driven insights. He conducted a data maturity assessment and identified a number of alternative hypotheses to be evaluated through Alpha and then taken on into Beta delivery.


A Senior product lead, Ralf worked with the Ministry of Justice to provide product leadership during Discovery to shape Alpha and Beta engagement. This enabled the foundations for a new risk management tool that is now used by probation officers, courts and prison staff.


A delivery manager, Benjamin, managed the successful beta development and go live for a number of core services at HMRC and DWP, collaborating with teams in other departments to make delivery a success. He also led a mentoring programme supporting new Delivery Managers in lean and agile delivery.


A senior data architect, Dominic worked with the Department for Work and Pensions to deliver a cloud-based dashboard to monitor touchpoints using data mesh technology. This enabled call handling to be planned, and demand to be managed.


A user experience engineer, Alastair helped to develop the GOV.UK Design System now used by many large central government departments to provide a consistent look and feel across government services.


A senior engineer, Andrew helped build the Core Case Data (CCD) platform at HM Courts and Tribunal Service, standardising case management service across the programme. The platform now provides a configurable, flexible data store and dynamically generates the user experience based on how you interact with the service.


A senior engineer, Riccardo helped build a new replacement platform for selling and managing around 60 million Private Registration Numbers for DVLA. Working with a strong cross-functional team and a complex integration with DVLA’s IBM mainframe, it was possible to deliver a very simple, easy-to-use service for users.


A senior engineer, Phil was embedded in the Universal Credit team at the Department for Work and Pensions, building CI/CD pipelines that optimised the way teams worked and collaborated and reduced build times to increase engineering effectiveness.


A senior infrastructure engineer, Ian was involved in delivering the cloud-based infrastructure to support the rehoming of many of the core HMRC applications including VAT registration, Self Assessment, PAYE and the Stamp Duty system.

Our credentials

Our people are our greatest asset. Work with directors, product leads, delivery managers, data architects, engineers and more with extensive and proven track records of successful public sector transformation.

Make user-centric public sector services a reality with the help of 101 Ways.

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