Ready to recap? Highlights from Codemotion Amsterdam 2018

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Did we mention we went to Codemotion Amsterdam 2018? Oh, we did? Well, we’re going to wax lyrical about it again because not only was it a fantastic event, it was a great success for 101 Ways on all fronts and ensured our Netherlands’ launch got off to an impressive start. 
First up, our Serverless Lab – run by CTO Odhrán McConnell, Tech Lead, Mudi Ugbowanko and consultant software engineers Domas Lasauskas and Diego Vazquez Nanini – attracted over 80 developers, engineers and designers and helped everyone from those at junior level to those with years of experience, build and deploy their own serverless AWS app. Check out Mudi’s five minutes of fame here
Then, our very own Kelly Waters was one of four speakers talking about the ‘Evolution of the CTO in a Data Driven World’, which raised some interesting points and led to lots of great discussions between the panel and the audience.  It was also an opportunity for the attending CTOs to work through the challenges raised and push to find solutions with Kelly and the other panel members’ help.
But even though we could go on for days, don’t just let us tell you how good Codemotion 2018 was, watch below and see for yourselves!