Recommended Agile Project Management Software

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Agile Project Management Software.I’m curious. I haven’t used specialised agile project management software before. I’ve always relied simply on Excel and as you may know I’m a big fan of the whiteboard!

Nevertheless, I was wondering what is the most popular, or most recommended, agile project management software and thought it would be interesting to run a poll to find out!

Vote for your recommended agile project management software now using the poll below…

I’ve added a few tools to start off with. If the agile project management tool you’d like to recommend isn’t listed, enter it in the ‘Other’ box. I’ll keep an eye on votes for Other and add other tools into the poll as they arise.

Calling all agile bloggers and providers of agile tools! P lease promote this poll. It would be great to get a comprehensive poll of the marketplace and see what tools people recommend. Make sure your software gets the votes it deserves!


Photo by Lee Creighton