Scrum Karma. Why Else Do IT?

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Hi all,

Yes, I realize and apologize that I have not been posting regular cartoons up here in the past month or so.  A lot of things are happening both inside and outside the lives of Tony (our artist) and me (Mike Vizdos).  Thanks so much for hanging with us and I can promise you this:

We will be introducing a few new things that will rock the world and really have a significant impact on the people participating within the Scrum community.


Learn even more in the process.

Different ways.

Fun ways.

All effective.

Hang with us and I promise the ride will only get better!  In fact, if you could please pass the link to this blog entry on to three of your friends and ask them to send it on to three their friends and so on and so on…. wow…. the Karma we will generate here is going to be impossible to stop.



Forward this email or the blog entry to your friends OR ….

Please resend or use twitter (you must be following me) to copy and paste the following (or retweet):

@mvizdos I am recommending you to all my friends.  Let’s get that Karma spreading like wildfire! #ScrumKarma

Thank you,

- mike vizdos

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