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Hi everyone,

Yesterday was my last day at ThoughtWorks. ThoughtWorks is an amazing company with some fantastic people, so I feel very privileged to have worked for them and very grateful that they gave me and my family the opportunity to live in Australia, which was a wonderful experience.

However we’re back in the UK now and I’ve gone independent as an interim exec. My first engagement is at the Guardian as their digital director of engineering. That’s really exciting for me because I’ve always looked up to the Guardian. I have worked in the publishing/media industry for many years now – first as CTO at Glass’s, then at Reed Business, then as Web Technology Director at IPC Media. The Guardian has always been extremely open and innovative and won lots of awards, so I suppose it’s a case of “if you can’t beat them, join them!” (ha ha).

As well as being an interim exec most of my time, I also intend to start offering agile training courses. Initially I am thinking of a 2 day interactive workshop to either introduce or deepen someone’s understanding of agile methods. It won’t be a Certified Scrum Master course, because I want it to be broader than Scrum, introducing aspects of XP, Lean, Kanban and general agile principles as well as providing thorough coverage of Scrum. I hope the advantage it will have over many other courses, is hearing directly from a practitioner who has not only worked on agile teams and managed agile teams in practice, but also driven large-scale successful agile transformations in multiple organisations, as an executive and as a consultant.

If this is something you or your team might be interested in, please email me ( to register your interest and I will let you know when I have my first dates.