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One of the most important things that any business can do in the 2020s is to become a more data-driven organisation. It’s the key to a successful digital transformation and delivering great digital products.

You have already been emailing Kelly about the whitepaper that we produced and we have welcomed all the feedback and conversation around the topic. 

We have some more content around the areas of Outcomes, Analytics, Innovation, Data Platforms, and Culture, Skills and Capabilities which we think you would be interested in. So please fill in the form below and we will email you with the in-depth content on each topic. 

How we can help

you become more data-driven

Initial Assessment

We listen to what you want to achieve,
assess your current situation and the challenges you face,
and provide expert advice on how to achieve your goals.


Our interim leadership consultants can drive your mission to become a more
data-driven organisation, providing clarity and focus to move you forwards
and implement the new capabilities you need.


Our expert coaches can work hand-in-hand with your people,
working in partnership to share knowledge, coach on new practices, train
and mentor your people and improve your own capabilities.


We don’t just leave you with slides and advice, we can make it happen too.
Our data engineers can build what you need and make your new data
engineering platform and data-driven practices a reality.

We help you deliver


Define and get aligned on goals and metrics, typically using Objectives & Key Results as a framework, to make sure you have clear and measurable desired outcomes.


Once you have a clear focus on measurable outcomes, implement the analytics you need to measure them and move towards an organisation that uses data and facts to determine priorities.


Once you can measure the outcomes you want, implement a testing framework and drive towards a culture of experimentation, measurement, and data-driven decisions, where facts matter more than opinion.

Data Platform

Create, replace or improve your data platform, bringing the engineering expertise needed to empower data scientists and analytics experts to gain new insights that enrich your digital products and drive your digital growth.

Data-driven Culture, Skills & Capabilities

All of these things that make you a more data-driven organisation are underpinned of course by people and tools.
Your people will need to understand these new philosophies and weave data and analytics into every conversation and decision.
You’ll need to select, implement and make use of new tools, leaving you with new skills and capabilities to be a more data-driven organisation.

What people say

"Elsevier had a very challenging programme on which we were embarking. Success would mean step-change and we needed someone who understood the nature of the interface between product and technology, how to manage software engineering functions and how to help lead digital product design. They are particularly good at understanding the skills and experience needed, as well as the intangibles, which on the surface are not always clear. Their team brings the wisdom and experience for which we were searching."
Alexander Craig, VP Software Development– Elsevier Technology
"We needed a strong, high quality partner to help accelerate our digital capabilities and support the transformation of the business. I value Kelly’s input and brought him and the team at 101 Ways in when I became CPO/CTO at Just Eat. He’s a trusted partner and another brain to bounce things around with. The key is customer centricity and a results-oriented mindset - Kelly’s got that and it comes across in the team at 101 Ways. It’s about building the right thing for the user at the right time, not six months later. They’re a team that will go out of their way for you."
Fernando​ ​Fanton,​ ​​CPO/CTO​​ –​ ​Just​ ​Eat