The State of Agile Development

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the state of agile developmentOne of my colleagues sent me this link to a survey about The State of Agile Development by VersionOne, released in August 2007.

I was particularly interested to see some of the business benefits of agile development experienced by respondents…

* 90% saw Increased Productivity
* 85% saw Reduced Software Defects
* 83% saw Accelerated Time-to-Market
* 66% saw Reduced Cost

Although that sounds great, the danger of course with any survey is it’s impossible to control who responds to the survey. And that means it might not be a representative sample.

Being critical, what if all the people that have found agile to have adverse affects have simply given up on it and therefore didn’t participate in the survey?

So, from my point of view, I’d take any survey with a healthy pinch of salt. But with that caveat aside, I thought it was interesting nevertheless.