ThoughtWorks Live

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Today I’m at ThoughtWorks Live in Sydney, a one day invite-only event aimed at executives.  The theme is Continuous Delivery, and how organisations need to constantly adapt in order to innovate and ultimately survive.  It’s a really exciting agenda, but there are three bits I am particular excited about…

The first is Jim Highsmith from ThoughtWorks.  He is over from the US and speaking about Adaptive Leadership.  Jim is one of the original co-authors of the agile manifesto and an author of multiple books.  It’s been a pleasure spending some time with him this week and hearing more about his thoughts on Adaptive Leadership.

We also have Bjartes Bogsnes, author of a book on Implementing Beyond Budgeting.  Project funding was one of my few remaining frustrations after implementing agile, so I can’t wait to hear how he changed the way finance worked in a large corporate organisation.

And the third thing I’m looking forward to the most is Eric Ries speaking about Lean Startup.  I’ve always been attracted to the concept of Data Driven Development and Continuous Learning, and I love the way his book brings some science to the art successful product development, whether you’re a startup or a large corporation delivering new products and services.  If you haven’t read the Lean Startup book yet, you should.

There are also various other speakers from ThoughtWorks talking about a variety of topics,  particularly Continuous Delivery and Experience Design which should also be really interesting!